2016 Team Announcement: Team France

2016 Team Announcement: Team France

We are excited to welcome Team France to the 2016 LaserPerformance Collegiate Cup! Traveling from Paris, France, the members of the team have over 11 years of sailing experience each- on average!

We can’t wait to see what Arthur, Nelson, Camille, Ambroise, and Victoire bring to the competition.

A little about each sailor:

Nelson is passionate about sailing, and lucky him! He had the opportunity to go see the America’s Cup in San Francisco in 2013.

Ambroise sails on Hobbie CAT 16 and J80 during the summers as a hobby.

Arthur is passionate about classic yachts as well as innovative sailing.

Camille sails dinghies every summer and participated in the Course Croisiere EDHEC on a Longze.

Victoire is passionate about sailing; she started competitive sailing in high school with Windsurfing Regional Championship and then on mono-hull cruisers.