Frequently Asked Questions

How many team members will represent each country?

The LPCC features 3v3 team racing in Z420 boats. Participating countries must field teams of at least 6 sailors.

Who can sail in the LPCC?

Sailors should be student-residents of the country they represent and be 18-25 years old. Teams are encouraged to include males and females sailing together, although there is no official co-ed team requirement.

How will teams be picked?

Event organizers will work with invited countries to develop representative teams. Each country will have a slightly varied selection process based on the existing infrastructure of collegiate style or doublehanded sailing.

What boats will be sailed? Are boats provided?

The LPCC will be sailed in 18-24 Z420’s on Lake Garda. You can find more details about the boats on the Equipment page. Use of boats is provided free of cost for participating teams.

What is the entry fee to participate?

There is no entry fee to sail in the LPCC! Z420 boats will be provided without charge.

Is there any help available to help get a team to attend?

We are working on securing sponsorships that will assist teams in attending the event. More information will be available on this site as soon as it is available.

Where will the LPCC be in 2019?

LPCC 2019 venue to be announced. Stay tuned!


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