2019 LaserPerformance Collegiate Cup Venue

Lake Garda @ Circolo Vela Torbole – Torbole sul Garda, Italy

Circolo Vela Torbole was founded in 1964 and is now one of the most prestigious sailing clubs in Italy. It’s based in the north of Lake Garda, known for its fantastic wind conditions. The Peler in the morning blows from the north and can reach up to 30 knots, then after the sun has risen and warmed the mountains, the thermal switches and in the afternoon the wind can reach 25 knots.

The Ora (afternoon wind) provides reliable, consistent conditions and blows from the South. This gives you two different thermal winds in one day with a break for lunch. The morning wind provides the perfect setting for intermediate to expert sailors, and the relatively calm southerly breeze in the afternoon sets the stage for beginners. Luckily for those sailing in the 2019 LaserPerformance Collegiate Cup, there will be many opportunities for sailing throughout the day to test skills in the famous winds of Lake Garda.

Circolo Vela Torbole offers a variety of conveniences. Stop by the restaurant for lunch and check out the new menu items that are added daily. Sandwiches and other selections are available for purchase. Lunch and dinner for the LPCC will include a wide range of rice and pasta dishes, as well as meat and fruit options. LaserPerformance, SailLaser Lake Garda and Circolo Vela Torbole have worked to ensure the LPCC is a “Clean Regatta” which means it will be providing water refill stations and eliminating the single-use plastic water bottles, cutlery & straws. In addition to food services, the club offers a roomy storage area for gear, changing rooms, and restrooms.

Conveniently located only a 15-minute walk from Club Hotel La Vela, sailors can enjoy the sights of Lake Garda on their morning commute to the venue and get ready for a great day of sailing at the LPCC!

We are thrilled to continue to partner with SailLaser Lake Garda, Negrinautica and Circolo Vela Torbole for the 5th edition of the LaserPerformance Collegiate Cup this summer. Come join us!

We’d like to extend a huge thank you to the host venue for having all of us to their beautiful space and sharing their amenities with us during our stay at the LPCC.

2017 LaserPerformance Collegiate Cup Venue

Lake Garda @ Campione Univela – Campione del Garda, Italy

The LPCC 2017 will be run in it’s entirety from a single location, Campione Univela.  Competitors are able to roll out of bed and watch the sun peek over the eastern mountains and LaserPerformance’s Z420s in the boat yard below their balconies, stroll downstairs for a typical Italian buffet style breakfast and rig their boats moments after finishing coffee from the lovely baristas who will greet you with a warm smile each morning.

Sailing will start in the Peler (North wind) until it dies each morning. Lunch will be served at the restaurant during the break while while waiting for the afternoon Ora (South wind), which is signaled and verified by the sight of kitesurfers launching. The typical Ora lasts for several hours until the sun starts to tuck behind the western mountains and sailing will be finished for the day.

Classrooms can be separated into 3 rooms holding 30 each, 2 rooms of mixed sizes or 1 large 90 person rooms and has projectors and video screens to assist world class coaches with off-the-water instruction and discussions on boat handling and team racing while waiting for the wind to fill. Throughout the week, sailors will find the gym, hidden trails or cliffs to dive from, others will visit the market in the town square no more than a minute’s walk from the boat yard.

The racers will find they have a unique chance to get to know each other – more so than past LPCC’s and other events – because Campione Univela is able to provide a sleep-eat-sail environment that supports all 70+ participants (sailors and event staff) on the most special and breathtaking Lago di Garda. Smiles each day will show the memories being made, new friends and old connecting across language barriers and team lines, and everyone sailing in the Italian sun in a stunning setting that is hard to beat.


About Campione

Campione del Garda is a small village nestled in the Alto Garda Park, in the beautiful setting of the Riviera dei Limoni, located a few kilometers from Salo and Gargnano, on the coastal road carved through the rock about a century ago.


The small town had a strong history of industrial and commercial use until 2002 when it was purchased by Coopsette and embraced its close proximity to the beautiful Lake Garda

Campion del Garda is set in the Alto Garda park, in a setting of unspoiled natural beautiful. One can go for walks and excursions among the highest mountains in the Park, where s/he can enjoy breathtaking views.

Along the coast there are charming little towns rich in ancient remains of Roman settlements, medieval castles, imposing palaces, and patrician villas.


Nature lovers will truly enjoy Campione del Garda, with the beautiful lake, and mild weather conditions. Speaking of weather conditions, the infamous winds: the Peler and  Ora, allow all kinds of activities to take place on the water, from windsurfing to kite-surfing to, of course, sailing.

The beaches and marina offer visitors every kind of comfort.



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