Event Announcement

Event Announcement

LaserPerformance Collegiate Cup Challenges Best College Sailors From Around the World

August 11, 2014 LaserPerformance is proud to announce the launch of the LaserPerformance Collegiate Cup (LPCC). The LaserPerformance Collegiate Cup is a global invitational event that challenges the best university sailors, and the best teams, from around the world to represent their countries in head to head competition.

The first global LPCC will be held in August of 2015. Hosted by Yale University under the auspices of the Intercollegiate Sailing Association (ICSA), the inaugural LPCC will be governed by ICSA rules.

With the assistance of ISAF’s “Connect to Sail” program, the LPCC will endeavor to reach out and invite college and university sailors from as many countries as is possible.

“We are thrilled to offer college-age sailors the chance to compete as a team for their country against the best collegiate sailors in the world,” explains Bill Crane from LaserPerformance. “Our intent is to have this annual event continue for years to come both spreading the benefits of college sailing and to provide access to the sport of sailing itself.”

Up to 12 teams, each with 6 or more sailors ages 18-25, will compete for their countries in LaserPerformance’s double handed Z420s! The event will include a practice day, a team race clinic and 3 days of competition in which teams are challenged with a mix of team racing and fleet racing. The winning team will receive a brand new LaserPerformance Z420 in addition to the Collegiate Cup.

In many countries, college sailing has gained popularity with its accessible, fast-paced and exciting sailing competitions.College sailing offers the chance to practice and race against the top in any one country… and now the chance to race against the best in the world.

Countries with existing collegiate sailing associations will be offered invitations for their best performing team. LaserPerformance will invite other countries, (those who do not have organized collegiate dinghy racing), who are able to organize teams to join the competition and to test their meddle in a game that is as much about winning as it is about cultural interaction.

Yale University’s Head Sailing Coach Zack Leonard says, “International racing offers young sailors not only the chance to compete at the highest level but the opportunity to learn from a group of people with diverse sailing backgrounds. This is the type of event that young sailors will keep with them for the rest of their sailing careers and their lives.”

More event information and documents will be available soon at www.LaserPerformance.com.

To view the Z420 go to http://shopna.LaserPerformance.com/z420/.