LPCC Day 2 Round up

LPCC Day 2 Round up

Check out the scenes from last night. Adventure on and off the water!

Nearly 80 sailors are competing in the LaserPerformance Collegiate Cup (LPCC) and there’s already hype building for years to come! We are thrilled so many university aged sailors are excited for the LPCC to travel around the world and provide a unique, fun experience every year.

On Day 2, teams learned the fundamentals of team racing and had a chance to put them into practice during the afternoon session. The clinic led by the 2015 LPCC Ambassador, Anna Tunnicliffe, and team race experts Karl Ziegler and Scott Macleod made for a strong trio of experience to share with the sailors who are new to team racing & the Z420s.

As for conditions, they’ve been picture perfect here in Branford, Connecticut for the first LPCC! In the coming days, there will be on the water footage and recap videos for you to experience what the LPCC is all about!

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Enjoy some of the #LPCC2015 moments from Day 2

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